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Winter Survival

 Of course the best way to avoid the flu is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but you can declare war on the cold and flu viruses yourself and make it...

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Grease monkey blues

Did you know your skin covers 3000 square inches of your body? In fact it's your largest organ and knowing how to take care of it, is important for all...

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We've got the power!

“Please allow me to introduce myself ….” is the opening line from a famous song by The Rolling Stones.  You've probably heard of The Rolling Stones, but you may not...

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Hot tips for a cool pool

Ok, so a green swimming pool is only attractive if you happen to be a frog.  If your pool is looking a little worse for wear after winter, don’t panic.

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Kirstin Daly-Taylor To Coach Hawks

As sponsors of the Hawke’s Bay Hawks basketball franchise, the team at VJ Distributors are excited to hear the news that Kirstin Daly-Taylor has been appointed to the role of...

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