Did you know your skin covers 3000 square inches of your body?
In fact it’s your largest organ and knowing how to take care of it, is important for all you hard working grease monkeys and DIY warriors.  Grease, oil, solvents, paint, and de-greasing agents all strip natural oils from your skin leaving your hands cracked and dry. Ouch! Our very manly skin regime will help get rid of those scratchy ‘man-paws’ and the ladies will love you for it.

First things first
The job of a barrier cream is to help protect your skin against contact with water and other contaminants. Before you start work remember to apply Protect Pure as stage one of your skin protection regime.

The Nitty Gritty
When your hands get grubby, you need a really good hand cleaner. Many of our customers use Deb Swarfega Orange Handcleaner throughout the workshop. Swarfega Orange Handcleaner contains cornmeal scrubbers which clean deeply without damaging your skin, and moisturiser to help care for the skin.

Last but not least
After a hard days work, give your skin some TLC with a dollop of Light Pure Restore. This after-work creme will help your skin heal and regenerate. It’s perfume free and non-greasy. Perfect for use on dry, sore and chapped skin.

Remember VJ’s can supply your workshop with free dispensers for all Deb hand care products. We’ll sort you right down to the foaming soap in the bathrooms and posh loo paper for the lovely ladies in the office.   Give us a call today and get your skin care sorted.