Ok, so a green swimming pool is only attractive if you happen to be a frog.  If your pool is looking a little worse for wear after winter, don’t panic. Here are VJ’s top tips to help make your swimming pool clean and safe for summer:

  1. Firstly, remove any winter debris & leaves with your net. If you have a cover be sure to clean it, let it dry and then store away until next winter.
  2. Top up pool water level
  3. Backwash the filter & start her up!
  4. Vacuum any dirt, sand and algae from the pool, to waste. Check the liner for any leaks.
  5. Once the pool is clean of physical dirt, check pool chemistry with test strips or test kit.
    Test the pH, total alkalinity etc and adjust with the appropriate chemicals.
  6. Shock dose with chlorine and run filter 8-10 hours. If your pool is particularly green, you may need to perform several shock doses with filtration to clear the water.
  7. Backwash your filter regularly, especially if you are trying to clear a lot of algae from the pool.
  8. Re-check the pH and chlorine levels on a weekly basis and adjust as necessary.
  9. Remember, sun & heat break down chlorine so the best time to dose your pool with chlorine is in the evening.

Finally we suggest you kick back on the lilo and relax with an exotic beverage!