VJ’s Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us!

“March 4th 2006 is a day many people remember well in Hawke’s Bay. It was a Saturday. There was an electrical fault at VJ Distributors that started a chemical fire, and burnt their building to the ground.

It was all over the news. The first thing you worry about is people, so I was relieved to hear nobody was hurt – or worse. Of course, then you worry about the future for the VJ’s team, if they’ll have a job, if the business can survive a disaster like that. Lastly, I was concerned as a customer. We’ve been with VJ’s for a long time, and they’re a valuable part of our business too.

So, as you can imagine, I was surprised when a VJ’s rep arrived at my office on Monday morning following the fire. They said it was business as normal, took my order, and delivered the following day.

That event showed me that VJ’s is a business run by resilient people, who in the face of adversity, can still get the job done. As a customer, it’s a great feeling to know that those people have my back too.”

Chris – Bay Espresso


“When you manage a Holiday Park, you can’t afford to run out of essential guest supplies – ever. And worse, you don’t want to be put in that position at peak season.

It was Christmas 2008 and we were having trouble with our current supplier. They had promised us access to products and service over the busy period. We were in danger of running out of essentials, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. Guest comfort is paramount. I tried ringing our supplier, tried everything I could to get hold of someone, and had no luck.

When Boxing Day arrived, and I still hadn’t heard anything, I decided to try VJ Distributors. I didn’t know what to expect, or if anyone was even there. They answered the phone. I said I was in desperate need of toilet paper and asked if they could help.

We weren’t an account holder, but Craig told me not to worry about the details – that we could sort them out later. We received our order an hour after I put the phone down. It was outstanding service. We still get the same service from VJ’s, and we’ve been with them since.”

Isabelle – Hastings Top 10 Holiday Park


“I am very impressed with VJ’s and the level of service we are getting whilst in such a pandemic with COVID-19.

Vicki is very helpful and nothing is a problem. Order after order we receive fast, reliable excellent service. This is why we like to support local businesses 🙂 Well done team keep it up! Very impressed with the service and the products you offer. Thank you”

Shane – Napier City Council