Did you know your skin covers 3000 square inches of your body?
In fact it’s your largest organ and knowing how to take care of it, is important for all you hard working grease monkeys and DIY warriors.  Grease, oil, solvents, paint, and de-greasing agents all strip natural oils from your skin leaving your hands cracked and dry. Ouch! Our very manly skin regime will help get rid of those scratchy ‘man-paws’ and the ladies will love you for it.

First things first
The job of a barrier cream is to help protect your skin against contact with water and other contaminants. Before you start work remember to apply Protect Pure as stage one of your skin protection regime.

The Nitty Gritty
When your hands get grubby, you need a really good hand cleaner. Many of our customers use Deb Swarfega Orange Handcleaner throughout the workshop. Swarfega Orange Handcleaner contains cornmeal scrubbers which clean deeply without damaging your skin, and moisturiser to help care for the skin.

Last but not least
After a hard days work, give your skin some TLC with a dollop of Light Pure Restore. This after-work creme will help your skin heal and regenerate. It’s perfume free and non-greasy. Perfect for use on dry, sore and chapped skin.

Remember VJ’s can supply your workshop with free dispensers for all Deb hand care products. We’ll sort you right down to the foaming soap in the bathrooms and posh loo paper for the lovely ladies in the office.   Give us a call today and get your skin care sorted.

Ok, so a green swimming pool is only attractive if you happen to be a frog.  If your pool is looking a little worse for wear after winter, don’t panic. Here are VJ’s top tips to help make your swimming pool clean and safe for summer:

  1. Firstly, remove any winter debris & leaves with your net. If you have a cover be sure to clean it, let it dry and then store away until next winter.
  2. Top up pool water level
  3. Backwash the filter & start her up!
  4. Vacuum any dirt, sand and algae from the pool, to waste. Check the liner for any leaks.
  5. Once the pool is clean of physical dirt, check pool chemistry with test strips or test kit.
    Test the pH, total alkalinity etc and adjust with the appropriate chemicals.
  6. Shock dose with chlorine and run filter 8-10 hours. If your pool is particularly green, you may need to perform several shock doses with filtration to clear the water.
  7. Backwash your filter regularly, especially if you are trying to clear a lot of algae from the pool.
  8. Re-check the pH and chlorine levels on a weekly basis and adjust as necessary.
  9. Remember, sun & heat break down chlorine so the best time to dose your pool with chlorine is in the evening.

Finally we suggest you kick back on the lilo and relax with an exotic beverage!

As sponsors of the Hawke’s Bay Hawks basketball franchise, the team at VJ Distributors are excited to hear the news that Kirstin Daly-Taylor has been appointed to the role of head coach. The former Tall Fern is a significant hire for the coaching position, and will spearhead the National Basketball League (NBL) campaign from next year.

After spurning advances from previous franchises to be the head coach, why has Daly-Taylor changed her mind now?
“My philosophy is that it’s about creating a programme players want to come to, especially Hawke’s Bay kids, and to create an environment where players feel valued and take ownership. It’ll be like a family,” she said.

“For me, the coaching is about having loyalty and passion for the Hawks. It’s very much because I still live here. I’m not doing this job in the hope of getting the next job in the United States or Philippines or somewhere else. I’m doing it because I want to be here, my life is here, my home is here and it makes perfect sense.”

Daly-Taylor becomes one of the rare women to take control of a men’s team at domestic level. In other domestic men’s codes, it’s rare to impossible to find a woman in the coaching role.

By giving Daly-Taylor a five-year deal as an NBL head coach, the Hawks not only get the right person with the right skills for the job, they’ve also made a statement which will bring hope to all aspiring female coaches—if you’re good enough, you’ve got the job.

“How I roll is I play to win. I want to set up a programme and the goal is to make the top four every season and then focus on the semifinals and finals,” she said. “I’m always fair. You play because you’re the best. I’m honest. I’m big on experience, knowledge and passion.”

Daly-Taylor is looking to finalise a squad of 14 by February 2016. The squad reportedly won’t include promising Hastings guard Mataeus Marsh, who is said to be moving up to play for the Supercity Rangers.
There’s plenty for the Hawks faithful to be excited about ahead of next season. Congratulations, Kirstin, we’re looking forward to seeing you courtside with the team. All the best from everyone at VJs. Bring home the championship!

The 7th annual VJs golf day hit a hole-in-one, raising money for a charitable cause close to many women in New Zealand. Ninety-two VJs customers and suppliers came together for a fun day of ambrose golf, competing in teams, where the ultimate winner was The Breast Cancer Foundation.

Last year, when the cause became personal, VJs Managing Director Craig Bridgman decided it was time to take action.

“Our motto is about making people’s lives easier, but I reckon we can help to make people’s lives better too. That really hit home when Vicki was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were humbled by the support we received from our suppliers and customers. It meant a lot to us. So, we saw a great opportunity in our annual golf day to raise awareness, and a few dollars, for an important cause.”

The day was such a success, Craig plans to continue to make the VJs annual fixture a charity event.

“I’m blown away by the generosity and commitment of all the participants on the day. There were a heap of sponsors and a lot of donated prizes for the table and auction. I’d like to give a huge shout out to Harcourts, Noel Leeming, Total Oil, Pacific Hygiene, Cottonsoft and Kemsol for sponsorships and donations, but everybody got in behind the cause and contributed so much. Together, we raised $5000 for The Breast Cancer Foundation.”

“To everyone who made the day possible, on behalf of myself, Vicki and the team at VJ Distributors, thank you all so much. We look forward to doing it again next year and raising even more.”

View letter of thanks from the Breast Cancer Foundation

“When you manage a Holiday Park, you can’t afford to run out of essential guest supplies – ever. And worse, you don’t want to be put in that position at peak season.

It was Christmas 2008 and we were having trouble with our current supplier. They had promised us access to products and service over the busy period. We were in danger of running out of essentials, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. Guest comfort is paramount. I tried ringing our supplier, tried everything I could to get hold of someone, and had no luck.

When Boxing Day arrived, and I still hadn’t heard anything, I decided to try VJ Distributors. I didn’t know what to expect, or if anyone was even there. They answered the phone. I said I was in desperate need of toilet paper and asked if they could help.

We weren’t an account holder, but Craig told me not to worry about the details – that we could sort them out later. We received our order an hour after I put the phone down. It was outstanding service. We still get the same service from VJs, and we’ve been with them since.”

Isabelle – Hastings Top 10 Holiday Park

“March 4th 2006 is a day many people remember well in Hawke’s Bay. It was a Saturday. There was an electrical fault at VJ Distributors that started a chemical fire, and burnt their building to the ground.

It was all over the news. The first thing you worry about is people, so I was relieved to hear nobody was hurt – or worse. Of course, then you worry about the future for the VJ team, if they’ll have a job, if the business can survive a disaster like that. Lastly, I was concerned as a customer. We’ve been with VJs for a long time, and they’re a valuable part of our business too.

So, as you can imagine, I was surprised when a VJs rep arrived at my office on Monday morning following the fire. They said it was business as normal, took my order, and delivered the following day.

That event showed me that VJs is a business run by resilient people, who in the face of adversity, can still get the job done. As a customer, it’s a great feeling to know that those people have my back too.”

Chris – Bay Espresso