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What is RapidClean?

RapidClean is an Australian and NZ owned co-op of independent cleaning supplies specialists with over 50 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. RapidClean has no involvement in the day to day operation and no ownership of any of the members businesses. VJ's are still a 100% locally owned & operated company.

Why RapidClean?

RapidClean brings businesses together and makes it possible for small to medium businesses to provide and supply on a national scale. The great advantage of dealing with a small business is that we are passionate about what we do and we strive to provide the best for our customers. The personal relationship we build with our with our customers is vital.

VJ's can now supply on a national level and we have access to new and innovative products. With over 30 preferred suppliers at our disposal we have access to most major brands at very competitive prices.


VJ Distributors Ltd

1204 Omahu Road,

PO Box 2211, Hastings

New Zealand

Phone: 06 879 6158

Fax: 06 879 6148

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Open: 8am - 5pm

Monday to Friday (Closed Public Holidays)